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2014 Christmas Holiday Fundraising Giveaway Contest

Gardners Candies is happy to present $2000 to the Cameron County High School Band as the winner of the Gardners Candies Easter Fundraiser Holiday Giveaway Contest. The chairperson exclaimed, "Thank you so much! This will really help with our upcoming Hawaii trip!"

Sign up now for another chance to win during our Christmas Holiday Fundraising Program.

Call 1-800-242-2639 or email us at today to see how your group can participate and WIN!.

Congratulations to the 2014 Easter Holiday Fundraiser Giveaway Individual Winner Mandy Geci from St. Mary's Catholic Middle School.

Gardners Candies presents a $300 check to the winner.

Call Gardners Candies at 1-800-242-2639 or email us at today to see how you can WIN!